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Friday, July 10, 2009

DCLA Day #2

It was a long and eventful day here in Washington. Most of the group didn't roll out of bed until mid-morning (0r later). We then went on a 5 hour excursion that included a walk down much of the National Mall (which a few people were surprised to find out did not include stores), lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and a trip all the way around the White House. Here are some pictures:

After all that we rested for a little while before heading to the convention center for our first session. This session was with everyone together, and it was fantastic. Youth Specialties (the organization who puts on DCLA) has really stepped it up this time around. Incredible speakers, media, thematic material, and worship. I'm very pleased so far (the kids seem to be as well). Here are a couple pictures from the session:

There was a concert afterwards, and now we're back at the hotel getting settled for what will hopefully be a decent night's sleep before the first "Lab" in the morning.

Good night!