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Monday, July 13, 2009


We've had such a wonderful time here in Washington DC. The conference exceeded my expectations this time around. Big thanks to YS for their hard work!

Right now everyone is packing. We're going to head over to Lab at 8:30. From there everyone will go to the final Big Room, which will wrap up shortly after Noon.

After we load up the vehicles we'll be off to New York City. I'm hoping to arrive (*fingers crossed*) around dinner time. Everyone is excited to see Time's Square all lit up tonight.

I don't have any pictures from yesterday (I didn't want to carry my camera around), but it was a really great day. We had Lab, and after lunch we walked by the White House (again), by the Lincoln Memorial, and World War II Memorial, on our way to the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust Museum isn't something that you enjoy (those of you who have been there before know what I'm talking about), but it is a very moving experience. And last night...what a session! Hard to describe...

I'm off to take the kids over to the convention center so I can come back and pack. I'll shoot to have another update late tonight.